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About Peter Treacy


Executive Hire or Engaged Professional

An innovative business leader with expertise 

  • Advising in strategic planning, strategic business development, systems thinking and design 
  • In diverse industries, particularly financial services, healthcare, and professional services
  • Known for challenging others to think differently, identifying patterns early in order to develop long-term solutions, taking concepts to reality, and optimizing operational details


Proven Performance. With a Smile.

"I have known Pete for over 25 years, both at Accenture and through shared entrepreneurial pursuits. I have witnessed Pete take concept to reality within a matter of months. 

Whether it be strategic concepts or optimizing any operational detail, Pete’s incisive approach to problem solving was critical to the company’s foundational success and positioned it well for asset acquisition. 

His intensity is combined with high ethics, Irish wit, and honest care for those whom he leads."

                       - Kevin, CIO and Venture Partner


"A One-of-a-Kind Person"

"Pete is a one-of-a-kind person that I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know and working with. He challenges me and others to think about things differently and this has been very beneficial to me, the company, and its partners. 

Pete is always identifying patterns and applying that awareness to solutions that are long-term and visionary. He always has the end in mind, or he is adjusting it based on new data. 

It's a pleasure working with Pete and I highly recommend his work. "

      - Dave, Strategy & Risk Management Expert

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